Mensa Cabernet Sauvignon (case of 6)

Mensa Cabernet Sauvignon (case of 6)

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Wine Description
This wine has intense flavours of dark chocolate and blackberry with
spicy oak on the aftertaste.

The vineyards are planted in deep red soils, ensuring excellent water
retention and contributing structure and fullness to the wine.

Winemaking Techniques
After crushing, the grapes were allowed to cold soak for three days
before being inoculated with known yeast strains. A controlled
pump-over schedule was followed to extract intense colour without
harsh tannins. The wine was fermented for 8 days on the skins and
malolactic fermentation commenced in the tank. The wine was matured
on French oak staves for 10 months.

Vintage Conditions
The average 2017 harvest temperature was low with exceptionally cold
weather conditions. The vineyards generally showed good and balanced
growth without it being excessive or too vigorous. In most cases the
water supplies were sufficient to ripen the harvest while the ripening
period was also cooler than usual as well as very dry. The grapes reached
good acidity levels and lower pH levels and in most cases didn’t struggle
to accumulate the sufficient sugar levels. The season was characterised by
healthy, full-flavoured grapes.  

Food Pairing
Pan-seared Beef Tenderloin, Venison Stew, Dark Chocolate Brownies.